Product Features of EZECU® - EzFi® Starter (Gold Winner)
˙Simplified for racing environments without intake-air and engine temperature compensations
˙Standalone fuel injection ECU dedicated for BOSCH compliant fuel injection systems
˙Support up to 15,000 RPM
˙Programmable 0.00ms ~ 12.75ms fuel injection widths with 0.05ms resolution
˙Fuel injection width 3D table with 59x10 cells and 250/500/1,000 RPM resolutions
˙Support 12-1/18-1/24-1/12-2/18-2/24-2/36-2/12-3/18-3/24-3 teeth crankshaft flywheel types
˙Up to 10 customizable throttle position voltage levels
˙Semi-auto detection for both fully-closed and fully-opened TPS calibration voltages
˙Table uploading while engine is running
˙Dynamic tracking of referenced cells within fuel injection width 3D table
˙Graphical 2D curve for displaying fuel injection widths
˙Graphical gauges for real-time engine status monitoring via standard USB interface
˙Fast table uploading within 1 second
˙Programmable -100% ~ +100% engine start fuel compensation with 1% resolution
˙Programmable 0s ~ 255s engine start fuel compensation period with 1s resolution
˙Adopt water-proof metal case sealed by epoxy/silicon or equivalent
˙Supported languages: Traditional Chinese and English
˙Support Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 32-/64-bit Operating Systems
Fuel Injection Width 3D Table
Real-Time Engine Status